BAMBOO, vegetable steel
BAMBOO, unlimited resource
Bamboo is the fastest growing and regenerating plant on the planet. It absorbs large amounts of CO2. BOO has environmental, economic and social benefits that make it the ideal material for the most committed and demanding architectural projects with the environment. BOO is an ally in the sustainable improvement of any building, and can even qualify for international certifications such as LEED or BREEAM. (+)


Hardness and Stability

Bamboo is harder and denser than woods such as oak or beech. It is considered vegetable steel, so it is used as the better alternative to high-traffic applications. Bamboo has a high stability thanks to its composition based on bamboo strips, beig a very stable solution. It has a very low volumetric contraction coefficient so their movements are smaller than those of other solid woods.



Inspired by Nature, bamboo responds with sophistication and elegance to each architectural project. BOO product line is used with naturalness, comfort and warmth in any design.


100% natural raw material, with minimal risk of causing allergic symptoms or reactions. BOO products maintain a healthy indoor environment regulated by the European standard EN 717/1 with E1 classification and low or zero emission of volatile compounds with A certification.