BOO Bamboo

BOO Bamboo obtains its raw material carefully from bamboo specie called Phyllostachus Pubescens, known as ‘moso’. Our bamboo products are based in innovation and environmental commitment.


Bamboo is really a grass, very different to wooden species. It grows as a cane, which is also used for construction. BOO bamboo products are result of a respectful transformation process: the cane is cut giving rise to processed bamboo and final bamboo products that can be used in multiple applications.

PROPERTIES, resistance and stability

Bamboo has been used in different countries as an alternative to other construction materials for many years. Bamboo is harder and more resistant than many traditional woods; it is known as “vegetable steel”. It is a very stable material with minimal contraction and expansion movements that make it optimal for use in very humid environments. It is also a thermal and acoustic insulating material. It has a long useful life, is renewable and fast-growing and contributes to control soil erosion and the deforestation of other native species with its large roots.

Forest Management

When we talk about bamboo we are not talking about a tree, we are talking about a grass. Bamboo harvests can be obtained in periods between 5 o 6 years without replanting, thanks to its rapid growth. This means that the yield of a bamboo forest is 20 times higher than any other, with very sustainable forest management.


There is an increasing range of bamboo flooring, bamboo panels, bamboo veneers and bamboo laminated profiles. For this reason it is an excellent material for interior and exterior design of spaces. It can be employed as part of carpentry and paneling of any building. Bamboo is a material very easy to combine with other material because of its aesthetic qualities and its natural or toasted tone. It can be adapted to any style, giving place to warm and very pleasant environments.
productos bambu boo
BOO has a larga range of products made of bamboo, manufactured with the highest standards of quality and safety, under European certificates and regulations.

Quality & Price

A growing demand for sustainable materials has prompted us to import directly this material from its country of origin. We have a consolidated infrastructure that allows to guarantee the quality of all BOO bamboo products, with competitive prices in the market. We manufacture in different factories under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, always with the strictest health, safety and environmental standards.


Processed bamboo and final bamboo products BOO can be used in a multitude of architecture projects, with very diverse uses. It is an ideal material to show its quality and technical caracteristics in buildings such as offices, corporate headquarters, government buildings, libraries, museums and universities, auditoriums, chapels… In the same way, it is an ideal complement for construction and private projects where exclusivity goes the hand of comfort.



All our raw material comes from natural forests or responsible plantations, complying with strict standards and having the certification of the most recognized system of sustainable forest certification.


The absorption of CO2 in bamboo life cycle can be greater than emitted CO2, having a negative carbon footprint, thus being a carbon neutral product.


Bamboo is one of the most efficient and high-yielding options in biomass production. It is the plant with the highest growth on the planet without compromising the soil or hydrographic resources, being able to exceed the production of 50 tons per hectare per year of biomass.


BOO bamboo can contribute to the achievement of significant credits toward LEED-NC certification for the buildings where it is used. BOO products: solid bamboo flooring, bamboo panels and bamboo veneers, exhibit numerous advantages in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment, being the best allies for several of the existing certification levels.


All BOO products are manufactured under requirements that guarantee healthy indoor air, limiting the emissions of volatile compounds with A certification, and E1 classification, under European standard EN 717-1.

Obtaining of raw material

Moso bamboo _Phyllostachys pubescens_

Bamboo Harvest_ Due to the rapid regeneration of bamboo there is a constant supply of raw material _ we use bamboo between 5-6 years of age, ensuring high quality products_. Our bamboo is obtained directly from the local authorities who manage the forests through cooperatives that work for the socioeconomic and environmental development of the productive chain of the plant.

Splitting and fungicide treatment_ Bamboo stalks are cut into smaller strips in the factory, which are scraped to remove the green exterior surface, knots and other defects. The strips are boiled in a bath of boric acid and lime solution to remove starch, sugars and proteins of the bamboo, that neutralizes any decay and termite attack _this fungicide treatment is a non toxic repellent.

Caramelization_ The strips are placed in the carbonized chamber _ for a period of 4 to 6 hours at a temperature of 200-300 ° C_ and steamed, cooking the sugars to obtain the rich caramel colour.

Drying_ The strips are then kiln dried for more than two weeks. This ensures strict control of moisture content and dimensional stability.

Calibration and selection_ All strips are calibrated to the required size. The quality of the finished products is ensured by a strict quality control and selection by tones of colours.