Bamboo doors and windows

An ecological alternative to design
Doors and windows are an important part of carpentry design of a building. BOO offers its bamboo to architects and designers as a sustainable alternative to traditional wooden doors. We have developed a floor-to-ceiling door model, with an extendable bamboo frame which adapts to different partition thicknesses. Leaves are manufactured with an internal structure made of heat-treated wood and a thermal and acoustic insulating. They have on both faces fiber boards finished in bamboo veneer BVCV, which can be fixed with the grain to the thread or across the door. These leaves are fixed to a frame made of solid bamboo panels, by means of paddle hinges or hidden hinges adjustable in 3D. Embedded magnetic locks can have lock-unlock, as well as light bulbs.

BOO bamboo doors offer all the benefits of bamboo

  • Aesthetics: natural appearance and unique slatted composition visible on edges and frames
  • Mechanical: great stability and hardness
  • Sustainable: low emissions, CO2 neutral, with additional credits for LEED and BREEAM certification of buildings.


They are available in two opening systems: hinged and sliding, and in various width and height measurements, and can be custom-made for special orders.

Our specialists will also be able to develop exclusive designs for other doors and windows in your projects.