Bamboo access floor

Registrable design for a sustainable building
Offices, cultural buildings, educational areas such as universities and libraries require a versatility of use that make bamboo raised floors BOO a very useful alternative to design these spaces without visible installations. Raised floor system is an easy design tool for flexible space where workstations can move, making easy their registration. Incorporating bamboo as a finishing their contribution to a sustainable construction is guaranteed, achieving additional credits for LEED and BREEAM certification in the building.
Bamboo raised floors BOO have a base made of  are particle board core _finished on the bottom with galvanized stell sheeting_ with 4mm-thick monolithic top layer of bamboo pressed onto it. The tile is finished with BONA Naturale Project varnish (6 layers, 125 gr/m2, gloss 5-10%), with high resistance to wear and hardness.
Fire classification Bfl-s1 Distributed load 33.33kN/m2