Bamboo plants are the structure of Kengo Kuma’s Kyoto Yudo Pavilion.

bamboo sustainability

It is the natural bamboo plants in the grounds of a temple in Kyoto that support the textile roof of the new installation by the architectural studio Kengo Kuma and Associates. They have created a pavilion with this distinctive element supported by the plant’s natural stalks. This innovative project, called Kyoto Yudo Pavilion, highlights the […]

Why choose bamboo?

Standing out from other products, the use of bamboo becomes an alternative with many advantages. In this blog we tell you about its potentialities. The need to improve consumption habits in our society, in order to conserve natural resources, has led to an unquestionable search for ecological alternatives. It is a challenge to reconcile a […]

Bamboo paneling. More than a sustainable solution.

In recent years, bamboo has become a very popular material in the world of design and construction. Its versatility, sustainability and durability make it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including the creation of custom surfaces. Bamboo panel cladding is a popular choice both for adding texture and warmth to indoor and outdoor spaces […]