Bamboo facade cladding: an exterior design alternative

Bamboo facade cladding

At Boo Bamboo, we are proud to present our new product: the BOO FC 19 Cv 35-12 / 16-7 bamboo facade cladding. This cladding is designed to offer not only a modern aesthetic solution, but also unrivalled durability and strength thanks to the advanced technology and high quality materials used in its manufacture. The facade […]

Bamboo solid ribbed paneling. Interior design with sustainable guarantee

Bamboo ribbed solid paneling

At Boo, we take pride in combining rich tradition of craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to offer the highest quality bamboo paneling. Our solid ribbed paneling – BOO BSP 19 Cv-20-20 is the result of an admiration for bamboo, an exceptional material that stands out for its strength, versatility and sustainability. At the heart of this […]

Bamboo countertops: Design of elegance and sustainability

Bamboo countertops

When designing interior spaces, the choice of materials plays a fundamental role in creating attractive and functional environments. Among the many options available, bamboo countertops have emerged as an exceptional choice that uniquely combines elegance and sustainability. In this article, we will explore the growing interest in bamboo countertops and how they are becoming a […]

Bamboo doors and windows, sustainable carpentry

Versatility and sustainability merge again when it comes to green architecture, and one such application is bamboo doors and windows. This material, as an abundant and sustainable natural resource, has revolutionised the world of design and construction in many sectors. The one we are talking about today is no exception. Its versatility, beauty and unique […]

Why choose bamboo?

Standing out from other products, the use of bamboo becomes an alternative with many advantages. In this blog we tell you about its potentialities. The need to improve consumption habits in our society, in order to conserve natural resources, has led to an unquestionable search for ecological alternatives. It is a challenge to reconcile a […]

Laminated bamboo profiles. Sustainable design with structural benefits

As we have already mentioned, bamboo has gained popularity in recent years as a sustainable and versatile alternative in construction. In addition to its strength and flexibility, bamboo offers great aesthetic beauty. In this post, we will explore bamboo laminate profiles, an innovative option that combines the structural qualities of bamboo with its visual appeal. […]