Bamboo ribbed solid paneling

Bamboo solid ribbed paneling. Interior design with sustainable guarantee

At Boo, we take pride in combining rich tradition of craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to offer the highest quality bamboo paneling. Our solid ribbed paneling – BOO BSP 19 Cv-20-20 is the result of an admiration for bamboo, an exceptional material that stands out for its strength, versatility and sustainability. At the heart of this innovative product is bamboo’s amazing ability to adapt to a wide variety of construction and decorative applications. Hence, it offers unique benefits that make it ideal for quality cladding. This decorative cladding, made from glued and CNC-machined bamboo strips, offers a three-dimensional surface with a reflective and diffusing effect.

bamboo ribbed paneling
Bamboo ribbed solid paneling

Characteristics of bamboo ribbed paneling

With dimensions of 2900mm in length, 120mm in width and 19mm in thickness, this coating stands out for its density of 0.72 g/cm³, guaranteeing stability and durability. In addition, its dimensional variation is minimal, with a Ccv of 0.14%. With a moisture content of 8-10%, and water-resistant glues (D3 classification), this paneling is suitable even for humid environments.

In terms of safety, the bamboo ribbed paneling has a reaction to fire classified as Ds2 d0 / Cs2 d0, and formaldehyde emissions within Class E1 (<0.124mg/m³, EN 717-1) and Class E0 (<0.025mg/m³) standards. In addition, it contributes positively to environmental certifications such as LEED BD+C – v4 and BREEAM.

sample of bamboo ribbed paneling sample of bamboo ribbed paneling


Boo’s bamboo ribbed paneling offers a versatile and elegant solution for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Its slatted design provides exceptional stability, making it the perfect choice for cladding walls and ceilings with style and durability.

This cladding stands out for its ability to improve acoustic insulation, creating a more comfortable and quiet environment. In addition, its installation on battens ensures adequate ventilation at the back, which contributes to maintaining a healthy environment. With an exotic and sophisticated appearance, bamboo ribbed paneling adds elegance to any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Its versatility is reflected in its ability to be easily installed on a variety of surfaces, from concrete to plaster to brick.

bamboo paneled walls

In addition to its beauty and functionality, this cladding is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option, with FSC certifications that guarantee its ethical and responsible origin. Boo bamboo panels are the ideal choice for those looking to combine design, durability and a commitment to sustainability in their building and interior design projects. Discover how bamboo ribbed paneling can transform your spaces today. Contact us for more information on special sizes or custom orders. At Boo, we are committed to providing you with quality solutions that exceed your expectations.

design with bamboo clad walls

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