The use of bamboo in landscaping projects: bamboo decking

detail of BOO decking edge

Known as the “vegetable steel” of materials, bamboo in its deck version becomes a sustainable ally for numerous landscaping projects. Landscape designers are increasingly incorporating in their projects, corners that encourage direct contact with nature. Reading and relaxation areas, spaces for group conversation, sports such as yoga… are experiences to enjoy outdoors, but without giving […]

The use of bamboo flooring in interior architecture

Solid bamboo flooring

The use of bamboo in interior architecture is becoming more and more standardized. Its choice over wood species for sustainability reasons is a fact. Bamboo is the raw material that is presented as the present and future solution to stop deforestation. Thanks to its properties, it is beginning to impose itself as a construction material, […]

High-quality designs thanks to bamboo veneer

bamboo veneer

Bamboo is increasingly present in interior design projects. Specifiers are betting on natural and cozy spaces in which bamboo has managed to make a niche for itself. Wall and ceiling coverings, custom-made furniture and decorative objects are some of the elements in which this sustainable and ecological material appears in its bamboo veneer format. Characteristics […]

The use of bamboo for interior design projects: solid panels

The use of bamboo for interior design projects is nothing new. Architects and interior designers are increasingly using this material for its novel aesthetics, as well as for the advantages and benefits of ecological sustainability that it provides. Bamboo is a grass that sprouts naturally every year, allowing for harvests between 5 and 6 years. […]

Design with bamboo

celosía bambú hexágonos

Lattices are an interior design element very interesting as a solar o visual filter. These elements have very different configurations, from simple shapes to the most complex. The solid bamboo panels allow their transformation in bamboo slats that can be assembled vertically, horizontally or even at different angles. These bamboo slats are very stable because […]